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Transfer Point Beta-1,3D Glucan #300

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SOQI Spa Bed

FIR Dome – Ceramic Far Infrared Heater

Lumen Photon Therapy

SOQI Ceramic Heater-Far Infrared Rays

SOQIZyme Plus Digestive Enzymes



80% of Chronic Disease Problems are Linked to the Spine



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Common Physical Problems

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The Answer to Being Healthy Without Energy Loss, Body Stress, or Effort…

Vigorous exercise, while offering health benefits, can place extreme strain on body energy production.  Associated  rapid breathing or gasping for breath, arises from excessive build up of carbon dioxide and demand for oxygen to replenish depleted energy to serve the vital needs of the body.  Such exercise can also add to the compacting of intervertebral discs.


… Could the SOQI Ceramic Heater and/or the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine® be the answer.







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