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Grande SOQI Bed Set:


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The SOQI Total Health Spa is a futuristic blend of HTE equipment developed to focus on the family health care trends of today.  It is a brand new health management concept utilizing the latest in scientific technology.  Integrating motion energy, thermal energy, and spa music into a multi-energy product.  The SOQI Sound Bed combines Eastern health philosophy and modern technology, and is capable of delivering this technology to every home all over the world.


The SOQI Spa Bed consists of three Grande SOQI Ceramic Far Infrared Heaters and one Sun Ancon Chi Machine that are built to lock down on their own specially designed massage table bed.

The SOQI Spa Bed includes a storage shelf and a built in MP3 player with two speakers on either side of your head.  (The SOQI Bed MP3 Player accepts 3 formats of music:  mp3, wav & wma.)

Created in Asia after years of research, using advanced Japanese technology, the SOQI Spa Bed is a proven, outstanding alternative healing solution for every individual and family that seeks to stay or improve their health.


ChiMachineModel888.jpgSun Ancon Chi Machine®

The Chi Machine is an internationally patented product that Dr. Suizuo Inoue spent 38 years researching and developing.  It works just like a therapeutic massager.


The Chi Machine Therapeutic Massager helps virtually anyone relax muscles locally with little or no conscious effort.  You just lay face-up on the floor or in this specially built SOQI Spa Bed with both feet placed in the curved designed footrest.  The Chi Machine rocks the entire body from side to side in a gentle undulating motion.


Dr. Inoue spent decades researching the relationship between body movement and your body’s natural Oxygen levels.  Appointed Chairman of Japan’s Oxygen Health Association, he was assigned the task to find the solution.  Engineers took his concept and created the technical design for The Chi Machine.  There were many trials that were performed, and after years of research, Dr. Inoue discovered that there was only one frequency that provided our bodies with only positive benefits.  The pattern of motion that The Chi Machine generates in the human body uses minimum effort and achieves maximum results, says Dr. Inoue.


Because the massage with The Chi Machine is performed while you are reclining and relaxed, with weight removed from the spine, a sense of extreme comfort and pleasure is immediate and noticeable.


Since 1990, over one million Chi Machines have been sold worldwide.  The Chi Machine has gained a tremendous reputation for its solid construction and outstanding benefits.  And, unlike many types of medical devices, The Chi Machine is easy to use, providing excellent results without stress or injury to the body.




PRECAUTIONS: Do not use the Chi Machine:

  • For at least three months after an operation or bone fracture.
  • If suffering serious infection, have a bleeding injury or heart disease.
  • During pregnancy.
  • Within thirty minutes after eating.



FIR Dome HotHouse.jpgSOQI Ceramic Far Infrared Heater-FIR Dome

The Far Infrared Ray Dome is built with an exclusive fine ceramic technology and formed as a 160-degree semicircle.  It uses only 8-10 micrometer infrared rays, the most beneficial wavelength for life forms.  It can penetrate deep into tissues, resonate cells, and be absorbed by the human body. 

Manufactured under a Japan technology patent, The SOQI Ceramic Far Infrared Heater has earned popular and professional acclaim in Japan after many years of successful use and is classified as a Class 2 Medical Device in Canada.



The Importance of 8-10 micron Far Infrared Ray:

Normal human body temperature is 98.6 degrees.  Most of our body heat is typically radiated away as far infrared at the 8-10 micron wavelength. (That is why a room full of people becomes warm.)  So, if we generate 8-10 micron far infrared and direct it at a human body, it matches the radiant energy leaving the body and is best for the body overall comfort.


Why the Warm, Comfortable Thermal Feeling?

The upper Radiant Heating Surface is covered with a very fine multi-faceted acute-angle silicon surface manufactured in New Mexico.  When rays are scattered in all directions by the countless surfaces created by the silicon crystals, the effectiveness of the 160-degree span is amplified.  The radiant transmission area is increased some 10-fold.  It simply wouldn’t be possible to produce the effective warmth we achieve without the combination of these two design concepts:

1)      proper wavelength

2)      a special reflective silicon surface


Electronically Controlled & Safety Feature:

The surface temperature is automatically controlled by a built-in, specially designed regulator, which only allows a set temperature while a safety device precludes any chance of overheating from a malfunction.


Simple To Operate:

The Far Infrared Ray Dome provides its warmth without ever having to touch the skin.  Just set the timer and relax.  It consumes a mere 5 cents worth of electricity per hour.


Small and Portable:

This is not like the huge FIR instruments you may have seen elsewhere.  Ours is entirely new and sized just right for home use.  You will be thrilled with the unique qualities of the Far Infrared Dome.


A Wider 160-Degree Heating Surface:

The 160 degree arched design greatly increases warming coverage.  This unique design is the hallmark of the SOQI Ceramic Heater.



Recommended 15-60 minutes, twice daily, more if you like, just make sure to drink plenty of water.

A very slight reddening of the skin is normal.  The feeling you get is much like that from a good massage.

WARNING:  This device should not be used if you have any acute diseases, open sores, a serious heart condition, are using a pacemaker, or have serious high blood pressure.




The SOQI Total Health Spa is especially designed and built with high quality materials to give the consumer an elegant, exclusive, durable, and user-friendly product.  With an enclosed high quality sound system and other effects, you will become relaxed and stress will be eliminated.


The SOQI Total Health Spa comes with 3 Grande SOQI Ceramic Far Infrared Heaters, each Dome measures 15.8” H x 31.7” W x 14.5” L.



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                                                  Also pictured above:  BetaLoe, SOQI GoGreen, SOQIZyme Plus, Advanced ERE, E-Power and Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine












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