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SOQI Ceramic Heater - Far Infrared Ray Dome



Special Features of the FIR Dome:

8~10 micron Far Infrared Rays:  Normal human body temperature is 98.6 degrees F.  Most of our body heat is typically radiated away in far infrared range at the 8~10 micron wavelength.  That is why a room full of people becomes warm.  So, if we generate 8~10 micron far infrared and direct it at a human body, it matches the radiant energy leaving the body and is best for the body’s overall comfort.

Is the FIR (Far-Infrared) warming effect different from that of a hot water bottle or heating pad? Yes! The vibrational energy of far-infrared light is unlike that of heat energy. For example, in cooking, think of it as the difference between leaning over a pot of boiling water and standing outside in the sunlight. Steam from boiling water can heat the skin but it doesn't heat the internal organs. Yet, sunlight heats us in a profound way because it contains penetrating far-infrared rays, as well as the full range of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum.





The “Super Radiant Heating Surface” is covered with a very fine, multi-faceted, acute-angle silicon surface manufactured in New Mexico.  When rays are scattered in all directions by the countless surfaces created by these silicon crystals, the effectiveness of the 160 degree span is amplified.  The radiant transmission area is increased some 10-fold. 

The surface temperature is automatically controlled by a built-in, specially-designed regulator which only allows a set temperature while a safety device precludes any chance of overheating due to a malfunction.


Dr. Mohammad Nasr
Dr. Mohammad Nasr is the director of the medical care and diagnostic center at Lake Villa, IL
He has evaluated the effect of our machines on his patients for the last 12 months. These are his observations.

Far Infrared Ray Dome
Dr. Nasr's patients have had very good results with sinus problems, bronchial conditions and asthma. He believes that the benefits are derived from the increased blood circulation caused by the deep penetration of the far-infrared into the tissues. Dr. Nasr states that, "No other modality will penetrate the muscles, nerves and subcutaneous tissue as the Far Infrared Ray Dome does." While massage, heat packs and other therapies penetrate 0.10 inches, the Far Infrared Ray Dome penetrates up to three (3) inches.



Number One Way to Fight Cancer in the Orient:

            The FIR Dome helps the body to regenerate.  If you have any infectious pathogens, it stops them from reproducing.  That is why they use it in Asia, to stop the cancer cells.  The cancer cells cannot reproduce under this heat.  The rays from the FIR Dome scatter in all directions and penetrate the body to create heat internally at 42 degrees C.  Wherever it reaches that temperature, nothing can reproduce.  The far infrared (FIR) heats from the inside of the tissues out, rather than just making the skin surface warm.  The FIR can actually increase the body’s tissue regenerative ability.

            In the Orient, the FIR is the number one way to fight cancer.  Here, we use chemotherapy and radiation.  They have just reversed it.  Here, people don’t usually use FIR until they have exhausted all other resources.   D.


About Cancer Cells:

            Cancerous cells cannot exist if blood circulation is smooth.  Good circulation in the capillaries leaves no room for a cancerous cell to settle down.  (A cancerous cell has to settle down so it can proliferate).  FIR helps capillaries to expand, improving circulation.  The cancer cell also has a weakness.  Heat above 42 degrees C. can kill it.

            FIR heat can penetrate through the body and kill cancerous cells.  FIR general thermal treatment raises body temperature to 42 degrees C. 

            Good blood circulation of the capillaries-without functional disorder-leaves no way for the cancerous cell to settle down.  The cell will then be killed by the immunocyte (the immunity cell).  Thermal therapy and immuno-therapy are regarded as non-invasive.  

Far Infrared Ray – Hopes for Cancer

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What Is Far Infrared (FIR)


SOQI Ceramic Heater/FIR Dome- New Design

-          New Controller

-          New Handle Placement

FIR Dome HotHouse.jpg




SOQI Ceramic Heater/FIR Dome comes in 2 Convenient Sizes:

SOQI Ceramic Heater

H13.8”x L26.3” x D14.5”

Grande SOQI Ceramic Heater

H15.8” x L31.7” x D14.5”






v The Importance of 8-10 micron Far Infrared Rays

v The Warm, Comfortable Thermal Feeling

v Electronically Controlled & Safety Features

v Simple to Operate

v Small and Portable

v A Wider, 160 Degree Heating Surface




Sub-Normal Body Temperatures Damage the Immune System
The Benefits and Science Behind Far Infrared Rays

Did you know that blood circulation to the brain decreases 6-7% for every 1.8 degree F drop below normal body temperature?

The body’s enzymatic processes slow 10%-20% per degree of temperature below optimal levels.  This means that the body’s immunity level drops 10%-20% per degree of body temperature lost.  There are numerous factors which lower body temperature.  For example:  staying in a room with air condition, having cold food or beverages, lack of exercise, etc.

If the body constantly suffers from low body temperatures it can easily lead to chronic illnesses, digestive problems, obesity, a lowered immune system and even cancers due to poor blood circulation.  The best way to stay healthy is to keep warm and improve your blood circulation.  Far Infrared Rays (FIR) provides the benefits the body needs to prevent such bodily damage from occurring.

Far Infrared Rays are invisible waves of energy or light that we perceive as heat.  They are capable of penetrating our bodies, expanding capillaries, gently elevating our body temperature and activating major bodily functions.  Far Infrared Rays are the safest and most beneficial of the waves coming from the sun.  They are even safe enough to use on newborn babies with jaundice.  If you can increase blood flow and expand the capillaries and arteries you will increase the integrity of the arteries and veins; this is monumental when it comes to your health.

With today’s technological advances, HTE offers state of the art products delivering Far Infrared Rays.

The SOQI Ceramic Heater/FIR Dome and FIR Pad are two of our top selling products.  The FIR Pad provides far infrared rays in a soft flexible blanket that molds and contours to the body.  The SOQI Ceramic Heater/FIR Dome and FIR Pad synergize well together to supply Far infrared rays in all dimensions which help protect the body from unnecessary damage due to lowered body temperatures.



FIR Dome-Chi Machine-Go Green.jpg

Pictured:  FIR Dome-SOQI Ceramic Heater, Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, Go Green





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