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The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine® Model SDM-888






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The Mid Position - Hands clasped behind head.
This position exaggerates the curves of the spine and will impart a stronger motion to the spinal column.


Goldfish Position - Arms relaxed by your sides, palms down.


The Stretched Back Position - Arms above head, palms facing up.
Creates traction throughout the whole .


Since 1990, over one million Chi Machines have been sold worldwide.  The Chi Machine has gained a tremendous reputation for its solid construction and outstanding benefits.  And, unlike many types of devices, The Chi Machine is easy to use, providing excellent results without stress or injury to the body.



Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine History:
The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine® Therapeutic Massager is the culmination of 38 years of research and development by Dr. Shizuo Inoue, a medical visionary and developer of the world renowned Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine.  The patented precision design of the innovative medical device utilizes optimum body positioning to achieve the ultimate in local muscle relaxation.

Dr. Shizuo Inoue

  • 1922 – Born in Kanagawa Pretecture, Japan
  • 1948-1959 – Worked with Saisyo Mitsura as Secretary.  Studied Health Care
  • 1960-1971 – Deputy Director at the Health Assembly, taught Healthy Living
  • Present – Director of Japan Health Association.  Chairman, Mr. Yanagida Seijiro
  • Busy with lectures, training courses, and writing books

Dr. Inoue spent decades researching the relationship between body movement and your own natural oxygen levels.  Appointed Chairman of Japan’s Oxygen Health Association, he was assigned the task to find the solution.  Legend has it that he was inspired for the concept behind The Chi Machine as he watched goldfish swimming in their bowl.  He noticed that their bodies undulated back and forth, but the fish remained motionless.  Upon further inquiries, he discovered that the undulation of the goldfish’s spine released the required oxygen the fish needed to survive under water.

Engineers took Dr. Inoue’s concept and created the technical design for The Chi Machine.  Many trials were performed and after years of research, Dr. Inoue discovered that there was only one frequency that provided the human body with only positive benefits.  The pattern of motion that The Chi Machine generates uses minimum effort and achieves maximum results in the body.

Publications:  Oxygen Power Makes Health, Cause and Prevention of White Finger Disease, Oxygen Health Method, Oxygen Makes the Brain Better, Health-and-Oxygen-Efficient Aerobic Exercise

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine Patents:

The Original Chi Machine is an internationally patented device, holding a medical patent in Japan, where it is used in hospitals to promote healing.  The nature of the patent in the United States refers to any side to side motion of between 100 and 200 oscillations per minute.  The Chi Machine oscillates at 140 cycles per minute because research shows this rate is appropriate for people with a heart rate of 60-80.  Healthy people can tolerate higher frequencies, but anyone with health problems cannot.  A lower frequency will not produce any beneficial effect.  140 cycles/minute also happens to activate the natural rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  Using the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine entrains the body to the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid, creating a normalization of this flow and dynamically engaging all the fluid systems of the body – circulatory, lymphatic and CSF.  The Swing Travel is 37mm for optimal results.  The spine can be injured if the movement is too great, and will not produce any effect if the movement is not great enough.  The Swing Angle is 12 degrees and will not injure internal organs.  Medical testing has shown that 10-12 degrees is appropriate for men, and 12-15 degrees for women.  Twelve degrees was selected because it is appropriate for both.  If the angle is too high, it can be harmful, and if it’s too low it will not be effective.


What does the Sun Ancon Chi Machine do?

1.      It oscillates right or left, left or right approximately 140 times per minute (about double the normal heart beat.)

2.      In just 15 minutes it gives the equivalent oxygen benefit of 1 1/2 hours of walking.

3.      The synchronous figure-8 motion has a marked beneficial effect upon the human body.

4.      It performs a pure aerobic activity and operates at the best oscillating speed for the body.

5.      It rejuvenates every aspect of your body while you just lie on the floor (resting your ankles on the machine), breathe deeply and think happy thoughts for 15 minutes.

6.    It does the work, you get the benefits.






The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine Offers You a Full Body Massage

The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine offers you a full body massage. A 15 minute massage is estimated to be the equivalent of walking ten thousand paces (about 90 minutes. If used with proven relaxation techniques, there's no limit to the potential scope of healing and fitness enhancement for the body and mind.

Why everyone of all ages and fitness levels needs the benefits of the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine:
Daily, people consume a chemical cocktail from chemical residues in farm products, processed foods, water supplies and air breathed. Such health detriment is compounded by poor improper diet and breathing habits, work or study stress and sedentary life styles.

The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine will help provide essential benefits of sporting and fitness programs without putting stress on the body such as vertebrae joints, heart and lungs and without depleting body energy levels or causing injury.

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Model SDM-888 Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine Updates Include:

·        Improved noise insulation – A noise absorbing cushion is added inside to effectively damper the sound level.  Additional stability has been added to the footrest to increase durability and sturdiness.

·        With the upgraded material used, The Chi Machine SDM-888 has a smoother and quieter movement.

·        A stronger base and construction allows people of all sizes to enjoy the pleasure of The Chi Machine SDM-888.

·        The new fully enclosed design of the motor provides better protection during shipping and transportation.  The electrically insulated design of the entire machine ensures the highest safety standard.




2 Year Warranty & 14 day Money Back Guarantee
The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine is FDA regulated as a Class 1 Medical Device


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Pictured:  Advanced ERE, Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, Go Green

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    Pictured:  FIR Dome/SOQI Ceramic Heater, Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine,

                                                                                                                          Go Green


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