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Navarro Urine Cancer Test

To Determine How Much Cancer You May Have



The Navarro Urine Test was developed in the late 1930’s by the renowned oncologist, the late Dr. Manuel D. Navarro, the test detects the presence of HCG in urine.  It indicates the presence of cancer cells even before signs or symptoms develop.  Dr. Navarro found HCG to be elevated in all types of cancers.


The test is based on a theory proposed by Dr. Howard Beard and other researchers who contend that cancer is related to a misplaced trophoblast cell that becomes malignant in a manner similar to pregnancy in that they both secrete HCG.  As a consequence, a measure of the amount of HCG found in the blood or urine is also a measure of the degree of malignancy.  The higher the number, the greater the severity of the cancer.


A score of 50 or above, means, statistically speaking, you likely have cancer.


When the score is below 50, then statistically speaking, you likely do not have cancer.


In addition to cancer patients taking the Navarro Urine Test, even people without cancer can take the Navarro Test to get an early warning that they may have cancer creeping up on them.


The Navarro Urine Test can detect the presence of brain cancer as early as 29 months before symptoms appear; 27 months for fibrosarcoma of the abdomen; 24 months for skin cancer; 12 months for cancer of the bones (metastasis from breast cancer extirpated 2 years earlier).


Currently, many cancer patients take advantage of the diagnostic accuracy of this test as an indicator of the effectiveness of their specific mode of therapy.  Patients follow a simple direction for preparing a dry extract from the urine sample.  The powdery extract is mailed to the Navarro Medical Clinic where the HCG testing is performed.


HCG Specimen Test Preparation


Materials Needed:

1.      Acetone – can be purchased from the Pharmacy, Hardware or Paint Store.  Nail Polish Remover is NOT A SUBSTITUTION.

2.      Alcohol – either Ethyl or Rubbing

3.      Coffee Filter – White or Brown

4.      Sandwich Plastic bag

5.      Small White envelope

6.      Beaker or any glass container or glass jar

7.      Glass Measuring Cup

8.      Measuring spoon

9.      Mailing box or envelope


Directions for Urine Sample Preparation:

(Note: cc and ml are the same measurement)


1)      From an early morning urine (not mid-stream), take 50 cc (1.7 oz.)

2)      Add 200 cc (7 oz.) of 100% acetone (do not use fingernail polish)

3)      Add 5 cc (.2oz or 1 teaspoon) of alcohol, either rubbing alcohol or ethyl alcohol

4)      Stir and mix well.  Note: 1 cc = 1 ml

5)      Let it stand in the refrigerator or cool place in a glass container(do not store in a plastic container)for at least 6 hours until sediment is formed.

6)      Pour off about half of the urine-acetone-alcohol mixture without losing any sediment.  Then shake up the mixture before straining to release the sediment from the bottom.

7)      Filter the mixture through a coffee filter or laboratory filter paper(put the coffee filter into a small wire strainer set over a larger bowl or the toilet).

8)      Leave filter indoors in a secure place to dry.

9)      When dry, fold, wrap it with a sandwich bag.

10)  Then put it in a small white envelope instead of aluminum foil.

11)  Use a Priority Mailing Box or envelope (see note below)


Mail Dry Urine Sample to:

Navarro Medical Clinic

Dr. Efren Navarro

3553 Sining Street

Morningside Terrace

Santa Mesa, Manila Philippines 1016

Note:  Best to send dry urine sample by Priority Mail International through the Post Office and label the specimen as “documents” and not “urine specimen” as the description on the Customs Declaration form.

To see other Mailing Options – Click here


Please allow 3-4 weeks for test result delivery when mailing from the USA, Canada or Europe.



Directions for Payment of Urine Test:

Send $55 for the test to the U.S. address below:

Erlinda N. Saurez

631 Peregrine Drive

Palatine, IL 60067-7005

With the payment please include:

·         Note stating the Patient’s Name, Address, Gender, Date of Birth, Email Address, Date when specimen was created, a brief Clinical History and/or diagnosis.

·         Copy of the Payment Check or a copy of the receipt of the Western Union or MoneyGram.

Note: PayPal is also an option:  Log unto, just enter the “payee” as and enter $60 (an extra $5 to pay the PayPal fee).  Also include the Patient Name in the Memo Field.  Please specify along with the specimen that the payment was made through PayPal.  PayPal will alert Navarro Medical Clinic via email when your payment was executed and you do not need to send any note to Erlinda N. Saurez.

To see all Payment Methods (Cashier Check, Postal Money Order, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank online Bill Payment, and PayPal) – Click here




Before collecting the urine sample, make sure that there is NO sexual contact for 12 days for Female patients, 48 hours for Male patients.



Additional Interferences with the Test:

1.      Thyroid Hormones

2.      Steroidal compounds (i.e. prednisone)

3.      Female hormone supplements (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone)

4.      Vitamin D3


If you are using these compounds you must wait for three days after you stop taking them and resume after urine extraction.







1.      Is there a kit available to prepare the specimen?  There is NO KIT provided by the Navarro Medical Clinic to prepare for the specimen.  All of the necessary materials are household items and can be purchased from the pharmacy, hardware or paint store.

2.      Can I wait 1 or 2 hours before mixing the fresh urine with the acetone and alcohol solution or does it have to be mixed immediately?  You can let the urine sit for a few hours before testing.  It is best to work on it as soon as it has been collected since some patients tend to forget this in the fridge and may end up leaving the specimen in the fridge for more than 24 hours without mixing and this affects the testing status of the specimen.  A new one will need to be collected.

3.      How can I make sure that the sediments will go to the coffee filter when I pour it?  Before pouring the mixtures over the filter, throw off half of the mixture without disturbing the sediments at the bottom.  Then shake the rest of the mixture until the sediments gets blended with the liquid mixture.  Then pour the mixture gently into the filter paper.  There may be a situation when you will need to scoop up the sediments from the container, use a sterile spoon.

4.      Can I use the Nail Polish Remover in substitution for the Acetone?  NO

5.      My specimen was sitting in the refrigerator for over 6 hours, is it still OK?  Yes, it is OK

6.      I was not able to mail my specimen and it was sitting 2 weeks, is it still OK to send it?  NO, create a new one.  By the time it reaches the clinic it could be a month since it was created.  Note that the specimen is only good for a month.

7.      How soon will I hear from the Clinic regarding the test result?  Normally it takes 2 ½ - 3 weeks, you will obtain the test results through your email.  And for those without any email address, 4-5 weeks.

8.      What is the best method of sending the specimen?  Use  Priority Mail International through the Post Office.

9.      How would I know if my payment was received?  You can include a note with your payment requesting an acknowledgment of the receipt with your email address, Patient Name and Address.

10.  Do I need to send the payment first before sending the specimen?  You can send the specimen and your payment at the same day.  Most of the time the payment is received before the specimen.  The clinic is well aware and updated about the payment and your specimen is processed accordingly.

11.  Can I send a payment check for multiple patients?  YES and please state the Patients Names.

12.  What are the acceptable payment methods?  There are several methods acceptable.  Please see our page on Payment Methods

13.  How would I find out the Status of my Specimen?  If after 3 weeks you have not received any response from the clinic, please email to: stating when the specimen was sent, Patient Name and Address.  You can also check your Junk Mail Folder or Spam Folder.  It is possible that the email response was placed into those folders.

14.  If a woman has gone through menopause does it matter if they abstain from sexual activity for 14 days before collection a urine sample for the HCG test?  Could you explain why it matters if a person (man or woman) has had sex or not before collecting a sample?  Yes, it does matter because seminal fluid can contaminate the urine and it takes a least two weeks for the uterus to clean itself of seminal fluid.  Of course, abstinence from sexual activity will prevent seminal contamination.

15.  My index only has a +4 and not a +/- 4.  Is 52.2 a high number?  How high does it usually get and how low does it usually get when one is in remission?  It is still an index of +4 because the result is still above 50 IU.  An index of +4 means that the result is above 50 IU and is positive.  An index of +/- 3 means that the result is below 50 IU and is essentially negative.  Levels can reach up to 10,000 IU or more especially in testicular cancer, some uterine cancers (H mole and choriocarcinoma) and germ cell tumor.  However, most other cancers including thymic cancers have results anywhere from 50 to 80 or 90 IU.  The test cannot stage the cancer but when done serially like once a month, one can monitor the progress of the condition.  Patients in remission have readings below 50 IU.

Source of FAQ


Interpretation of Readings


Test Result Information


Customer Service


Medical Information – Dr. Efren Navarro, MD



Alternative Diet and Health Machines to Combat Cancer


Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine®



Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine


Dr BudwigDr. Johanna Budwig, 1908-2003, was a German chemist and physicist, a licensed pharmacist and health practitioner.  She developed new and sensitive methods, the first of their kind, for identifying differences between saturated and unsaturated fats.  She also was the first to determine and differentiate the essential fatty acids, linoleic (omega 6) and linolenic (omega 3).


SOQI Ceramic Heater

FIR Dome(HotHouse)

The Chi Machine activates the sympathetic nervous system, which opens up the bronchioles promoting movement of oxygen into the lungs.  As a result oxygen exchange is increased, providing addition oxygen to the cells.  Use of the Chi Machine results in oxygenation of the blood without any physical effort, which means that neither heart rate nor blood pressure is raised.  Dr. Mohammad Nasr felt that his patients received relief because of the increased circulation which the Chi Machine produces.  Conditions such as hardening of the arteries, Raynaud’s auto-immune diseases and other circulation problems are improved.  A session on the Chi Machine is usually 15 minutes in duration except during an acclimation period during which the session length is gradually increased from a starting point of 3-5 minutes.  Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine

Dr. Otto Warburg, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1931 for his research on cellular respiration, explained, “The growth of cancer cells is initiated by a relative lack of oxygen.  Cancer cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment.”

In 1952, Dr. Budwig developed her Oil-Protein-Diet which was able to revitalize the cells through oxygenation as a result of highly unsaturated flaxseed oil combined with quark or cottage cheese along with a healthy vegetarian diet.  Also included in her plan is sun therapy and reduction of damaging stress.  This plan proved to be very successful in treating cancer as well as various other illnesses.  Dr. Budwig worked with many terminal cancer patients.  Her rate of success was over 90%.


Budwig Diet

Otto Warburg was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1944 for research concerning photosynthesis in connection with the chemotherapeutics of cancer and the use of x-rays.  His subsequent research showed that Far Infrared (the heat radiation of the Sun) impacts cancer.

Dr. Toshiko Yamazaki, MD, owner of a Far Infrared therapy clinic in Japan and author of “The Science of Far Infrared Ray Therapy”, has extensively researched the uses of Far Infrared Therapy for natural body healing.  In her book, she explains that one of the reasons Far Infrared Therapy has beneficial results in a variety of illnesses is the ability of Far Infrared waves to remove toxins with mercury detoxification, which is often at the core of many health problems.


SOQI Ceramic Heater



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