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Other improvements reported by the overall group

Shoes felt looser 34%, higher energy levels 10%, greater flexibility 12%, more relaxed 24%, feeling of well being 16%, reduced abdominal congestion 7%, and improved shape of limb 26%.



The intent of this summary sheet is not to present a detailed statistical analysis of the outcomes of the trial but to give you a feeling of the very positive effects of the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine.  Over the 3-week treatment period there was a significant loss of fluid from the affected leg with an associated improvement in how the legs felt.  Once patients ceased treatment there was some return of fluid and symptoms but not to the level prior to treatment indicating a longer-term treatment effect.  With the loss of fluid there were improvements in patients’ Quality of Life and ability to undertake activities of living.  This included an improvement in their leg range of movement that made exercise, walking up and down stairs and getting dressed in the morning a lot easier.

There were also other benefits associated with the use of the Chi Machine, some patients reported that they found it relaxing and felt it improved their energy levels and well-being.  The majority of patients were extremely happy with using it in their own home at their convenience and felt that this gave them control over their condition.  Results show the impact of the Chi Machine is rapid even for these chronic conditions which generally had not responded well to previous treatments.  They also show a post treatment effect.  The Chi Machine however, needs to be used daily to gain the best results.  Many other parameters were measured including blood flow, lymphatic transport capacity and immune system function.  These and other relevant outcomes will be presented in the discussion of the research and linked to the optimal use of the Chi Machine.  Full details of these findings will be submitted for publications in a learned International journal and will be presented in full at the forthcoming International Congress of Lymphology in Genoa Italy and at the World Phebology Congress in Rome.


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