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FIR PAD and Grande FIR PAD


Shown above: FIR Pad and FIR Dome

FIR Pad above: Size 19” x 27 ˝”


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Far Infrared Research


FIR Pad.JPGThe FIR Pad can generate high temperature rapidly through heating with the latest high-tech, high-density galvanothermy carbon wire.  The highest temperature can reach 131 degrees F.  The solely developed microcomputer can stimulate the wavelength transmitted by the qigong master, which will generate the effect according to the difference of high and low temperatures, rapidly dredge superficial venules, activate cells and comfort your body.


At 113 degrees F: The FIR Pad is applicable to patients suffering from cold hands and feet, physical pains, which will promote the blood circulation and comfort the patients.


At 131 degrees F: The FIR Pad is applicable to patients suffering from sports injury, soreness of waist and backache, which will accelerate metabolism, relax tight muscles and nerves, and ease pains.


The FIR Pad is applicable to treating rheumatism, arthritis, and neuralgia. The far infrared physiochemical ceramics in the foment pad will release far infrared when encountering heat, which will go deep into the human body and activate cells, accelerate blood circuit, and achieve the efficacy of physical therapy rapidly.


The FIR Pad emits 8-10 microns of FIR radiation.


FIR Pad and Pet.JPGPets can even benefit from the Far Infrared Heat.






FIR Pad vs. Conventional Heating Blanket.jpg



The FIR Pad utilizes the principles and technology of Far Infrared to gently warm and soothe tired aching muscles, expand capillaries, and improve blood circulation.

The FIR Pad uses a new technology that allows it to heat up quickly.

Far Infrared is very effective for Physiotherapy and it provides temporary relief of pain caused from tired muscles, sports injuries, and over exercising.

Precautions when using the FIR PAD:

1)      DO NOT sit on top of the FIR PAD to avoid damaging the heating elements inside the FIR PAD.  Use the FIR PAD as a blanket to cover over the area you desire.  You may lie on top of the FIR PAD; however, we recommend not for more than 2 hours at a time.

2)      STORAGE:  fold the FIR PAD the same way as it’s shipped (3 folds) and put it in the carrying bag provided.  Store your FIR PAD in a dry place.

3)      CLEANING:  unzip and remove the sheet cover to wash and clean.  Handwash the sheet cover and air dry.

4)      AVOID exposing the FIR PAD to any liquid. 






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