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The Structure and Functioning of an Electromagnetic Field

   In 1925 George Crie, MD, of London presented the bipolar theory of life.  In the 1940’s Dr. Harold S. Burr at Yale University and Russian researcher, Semyon Kirlian, were able to prove that a subtle energy field surrounds all living organisms.  Over the years, many scientific researchers have proven a direct current system exists in the body.  Through the meridians and nerves electrical energy is distributed to all connective parts of the body.  Today, we know that this low, subtle current that is used for cell communication can also cause significant changes in the body.  This subtler plane was given many different names in the past: radionic, ether, bioplasma, chi, orgone, scalar waves, and biofield.


   An aura is created by different energy systems existing in the body, which contribute to the formation of the electromagnetic field.  In addition to nerves and blood circulation there are many subtle energy pathways that exist in the body.  Chinese medicine describes 72,000 main paths, which include the acupuncture meridians, the circulating blood, the spine and the nerves.


   The brain is the North Pole and the end of the spine is the South Pole of the human energy field.  The main axis is the spine, around which the electromagnetic field forms.  Because the energy pathways run parallel to each other they mutually induce and reinforce each other.  The energy currents must be in phase and in harmony for this process of induction and reinforcement to be maintained.  A person balanced in body, mind and soul has a larger magnetic field.


   The homeostasis of the body is the primary function of the spine.  Along the axis you will find a majority of the nerve points for the organs as well as the subtle power centers, chakras, which can be seen in the pictures above as points of light along the spine.  On the human physical plane, the chakras manifest themselves through the endocrine glands, which regulate all physical and emotional functions.  The following shows the location of the chakras and corresponding glands.


1.      Base of Spine

2.      Lumber region

3.      Solar Plexus

4.      Heart

Corresponding Gland:

Sex glands





5.      Throat

6.      Brow

7.      Cerebrum

Corresponding Gland:





  The aura pictures above were obtained with the use of biofeedback sensor technology to pick up and measure certain bioperimeters of the body.  The BioSensors are connected to the hand and fed back in real-time data to a computer which analyze and correlates the information.


   The first picture was taken before the use of the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine.  The subsequent pictures were taken while using the Chi Machine continuously for 20 minutes at intervals of 10, 15, and 20 minutes.


   The aura in picture #1 (taken before using the Chi Machine) is predominately green.  This indicates contentment and harmony.  In picture #2 (taken 10 minutes after starting on the Chi Machine), the aura has become a combination of yellow (creativity/optimism) and greens (contentment/harmony).  Picture #3 shows an aura predominately yellow (creativity/optimism) with a tinge of orange/red (idealism).  Picture #4, for the first time the aura shows blue (peacefulness/compassionate) and yellow (creativity/optimism).


   These pictures were taken using the Inneractive Aura Video technology based on Biofeedback, Vibrational Healing, and Color Psychology.


   The changes in color indicates that the Chi Machine does have an impact on the various energy systems of the body.


   “We can interpret disease as out-of-tune behavior of one or several organs of our body.  When a strong, harmonious rhythm influences an energy field that has lost its equilibrium or rhythm, the harmonious influence can reestablish order and balance in the system.  Recent research and experimentation has also proved that the human vibrational field can be measured and evidenced in scientific terms.  Dr. Valerie Hunt along with other scientists from UCLA have completed a fascinating study on the human energy field and its relationship to neuromuscular and emotional energy.  The Chi Machine with its harmonious rhythm has the potential of helping multitudes of people throughout the world.”

-David L. Moths, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic




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